Woman singing kiirtan in front of the sun Babanam Kevalam, Dedicated to Spiritual Art, Music, and Aesthetics
About This Site...

The idea behind Babanam Kevalam.net was to create an opportunity for individuals to exchange and share their ideas and expressions of spiritual music and art. While the site is focused mainly on kiirtan, the intent is that all spiritual human expressions may be conveyed here.

In the kiirtan section you can learn about kiirtan, learn how to play kiirtan, listen to other people's kiirtans or submit your own kiirtans in the global kiirtan exchange section.

The aesthetics section is dedicated to any and all deeper expressions of the human mind. In the art book section you can submit your artwork for others to view. The music album is for all spiritually oriented music, bajans, peotry, videos etc. The forum is an place for everyone to discuss different subjects related to kiirtan and aesthetics.

Please take time to look through everything. If there are any comments or questions feel free to contact us. We hope you enjoy the site and look forward to seeing and hearing your kiirtan and aesthetic expressions. Don't forget to check out the links to other sites about kiirtan and other spiritual topics.